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Fun Inflatable Rentals in the Chicago area including the Chicago Suburbs, Addison, Lombard, Antioch, Round Lake and more. Were the Ones for you

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Fun Inflatable Rentals in the Chicago and Midwest area

Inflatable Mega Rock Climbing Wall!
Rock Climbing Wall Rentals
Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall in the Chicago area

The "Mega Rock Wall" will be the big hit at your next Special Event! This inflatable rock wall is 22' high and features three climbing stations with the auto-belay safety tether system. Specially designed for outdoor or indoor use! Spectacular piece for any Special Event. Rock Climbing Walls are always big hits with almost any age. And the best part is this is an Inflatable Rock Wall

Capacity: 60 -75 Rock Climbers per hour

Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush Inflatable rentals.

Adrenaline Rush

Three inflatables in one! Two very challenging inflatable parallel obstacle courses converge on a rock climbing slide. Contestants can challenge each other and the inflatable course. Great for all ages and is a favorite for adult team building needs.

Capacity: 250 per hour

Bouncy Boxing
Checkout the Bouncy Boxing Rental a big hit at any event

Bouncy Boxing

The High School Student favorite! This activity allows contestants to battle each other in giant, oversize boxing gloves. Most amazing fact, this is equally popular with girls as it is with boys!

Capacity: 30 per hour

Bungee Run

[Bungee Run video]

The Bungee Run

Very popular Inflatable Rental with older kids and adults. Two contestants battle each other and Newton's Law to determine who goes farthest! Excellent exposure on Nickelodeon TV. Another great team building activity. Check out the Video of the Bungee Run Interactive Inflatable because this is a really fun time for everyone! Dont forget to rent this at your next party.

Capacity: 60 per hour

Balloon Typhoon


Balloon Typhoon

Another great hit with the littlest tykes. In the Ballon Typhoon admission is limited to our youngest attendees who truly enjoy chasing balloons in the big clown head and earning a special reward for their efforts! They just love the colorful balloons flying all around, you cant forget about the younger kids at your next Special Event.

Capacity: 60 per hour

Laser Tag Rental

[Laser Tag video]

Laser Tag

Six specially outfitted contestants enter the 35' by 22' space ship using their laser space laser phasers to 'eliminate' each other. Lots of secret passageways, nooks, barriers and hiding spots inside the maze. Laser tag is popular with a wide range of ages. Laser tag is not painfull like paintballs due to the lack of a physical projectiles.
The Maze can also be used as just a maze for the little ones.

Capacity: 100 per hour

Moon Walk Rentals
Chicago area Moonwalk Rentals
[Moonwalk video]

Moon Walk

Four to six participants enter the 15' x 15' Moonwalk Inflatable bounce house to learn what effect less gravity would have! This is a timeless Inflatable that has made children happy for many years and still is one of the most favorite Inflatables ever made. Reserve a rental date early.

Capacity: 90 per hour

Obstacle Course


Obstacle Course

Two participants race side-by-side through the tunnel, over the wall, another tunnel then through the knockdowns!
Great competition!

It's 35 feet of challenging fun!

Capacity: 240 per hour

Rock Climbing Slide


Rock Climbing Slide

Two racers battle each other as they race up the rock wall to reach the top of this fun filled attraction and slide to the bottom to determine a winner. Combines many elements that kids love; but, has proven to be a winner with all ages.

Capacity: 150 per hour

Screamer Slide
Rent a Screamer Slide for your next party rental in the Chicago Area it goes great with a Moonwalk Rental

Giant Screamer Slide

Standing 22' tall this Giant Screamer Slide is a magnificent attraction that entertains young and old with great results. The lines are long as participants head to to the top and then take the incredible slide to the bottom. This attraction always draws huge crowds! There is a reason they call it the Screamer

Capacity: 250 per hour

Sea of Balls


Sea Of Balls

Great choice of toddlers and their parents, use is limited to our youngest and smallest guests - and, they love it!
Can also be used as a Junior Bounce.

Capacity: 100 per hour

Rent the Ladder Climb
Rent this Interactive Inflatable

Jacobs Ladder Climb

One of our most challenging Inflatable attractions is a sure winner with kids and adults. Two contestants climb hand-over-hand to the top of the ten foot incline on free swinging rope ladders. Those who fail, fall onto the giant Inflatable air pillow surrounding and have the opportunity to start all over again. This is the true test of your balance, watch everyone struggle to get to the top of this Interactive Inflatable rent on for this weekend, we deliver in the Chicago Area. Another great adult team building activity.

Capacity: 100 per hour

Air Castle

Air Castle

This mini-bounce Inflatable is designed for the smallest bouncers looking to have lots of Fun! This is a Small 10' diameter foot print allows many uses indoors or outdoors! Use of this bounce for your tiny tykes only!

Rent the Moon Shot

Moon Shot Toss

This is The Mega Event® Special. You take your best shot, and try to knock down the Magical Floating Planets out of thier orbit. You have never seen a game such as this. The target are actually Floating in mid air. Your choice of 1-6 players at a time.

Junior Inflatable Jumper
Junior Inflatable Jumper for Rent we deliver in the Chicago area

Junior Jumper

Great choice for toddlers and their parents love it. #Use of this Inflatable is limited to our youngest and smallest guests - and, they love it! Rent a Junior Inflatable Jumper Today, we deliver to many places in the Chicago area

Capacity: 100 per hour

Speed Radar Pitch

[Speed Radar Pitch video]

Speed Radar Pitch

Can you make the big leagues? Test your pitching skills as the Stalker Radar System with large digital display tells no lies as it measures accurate readings of just how fast you can throw the baseball! Great for any age.

Capacity: 100 per hour

AND MORE Inflatables just call!

Rent from the Midwest and Chicago Areas Best Inflatable Company

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At Palmer Marketing, Inc. We offer catering and any Event you have can become The Mega Event with our inflatable games including but not limited to the Moonwalk rental. Did you know that the Moonwalk is also known as the Moonbounce or Spacewalk. Our Moonwalk rentals are not just limited to the Chicago area we also serve many other areas in the Midwest like Milwaukee, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, in the Chicago area we serve many communities including Addison, Lombard, McHenry, East Dundee, Elmhurst, Chicago, Plainfield, Mount Prospect, Carpentersville, Tinley Park, Wheeling, Mundelein, Waukegan, Cary, Hinsdale, Lake Zurich, Westchester, Berwyn, Rockford, Round Lake, Yorkville, Antioch. We can make a successful Carnival Event for your School or City Festival. Our party rentals include popcorn machines, karaoke machines, sno-cone machines and much, much more. The Moonwalk rental is one of the favorite Inflatable Rental we have, smaller children just love the Moonwalk, Moonbounce or Spacewalk along with all of our other exciting inflatable games. The Inflatable Rentals sure draw a large group of kids having lots of fun. So Don't forget your Moonwalk rental when you plan your next special Mega Event remember we serve a large are and not just limited to the Chicago area!
Palmer Marketing, Inc. offers great Fundraising Reward Programs including The Original Mega Event® Fundraiser Reward Party and School Fundraising Ideas!